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The Planet Blowout
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The Planet Blowout
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So I got a rather annoyed phone call from my business partner Reuven on Sunday morning letting me know that none of our domain names were resolving correctly. After a couple of minutes of detective work I discovered that the data center which hosts our primary and secondary DNS servers suffered an electrical fire and explosion that knocked out the walls surrounding the electrical equipment room.

As of this moment our DNS server is still down, along with 3000 other customers boxes, as the support staff at the Planet is working furiously to try and restore power to the building. According to their last update at 2PM Central they hope to begin to restore power to the first floor of the data center within the next few hours. Servers on the second floor were back up earlier today, damn our luck.

Funny that there is absolutely no mention of the current crisis I guess they don't want to scare away any customers. That being said I found the posting from May 22nd on their press releases page rather ironic.


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