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Limited Editition Ghosts
Old Blue Hair
nin_GhostsUltraDeluxe.jpgAs I mentioned previously I was one of the lucky  NIN fanatics to  buy one of 2500 Ultra-Delux Limited Edition Ghosts packages  (pictured right), they sold out just a day or so after going on sale.  Needless to say I'm  chomping at the bit to get my hands on this thing.  Unfortunately it doesn't ship  until early April.  I guess it'll take some time for Trent to sign them all.

Trent and crew are also asking for submissions for a Ghosts film festival over at YouTube, which I thought was pretty interesting.  If I actually had free time and a decent DVCam I'd be tempted to put something together.  Coincidence that Radiohead has decided to do something similar?

I think it's inspired that the whole Ghosts album was released under a creative commons license, really opens up the doors for fans to do interesting things with it.  That being said, Trent has been offering multi-track files in a variety of formats for awhile now and that has spawned a pretty cool remix community.  Too bad the site doesn't really work all that well under Ubuntu but we have Adobe and that annoying lack of PNG transparency in flash to blame for that.
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